PACT – Partners And Community Together

PACT is a forum in which members of the public, representatives of organisations, clubs, schools, the Police and local authority services come together to discuss topical and important issues within, or affecting, our community. PACT meets four times per year, usually at Kempsey Community Centre, and anyone is welcome to attend.


Minutes of April 2016. Download here

Minutes of February 2016. Download here

Additional information Oct  2015. Download here

Additional information 2. Oct 2015. Download here

Minutes of October 2015. Download here

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Minutes of September 2009. Download here.

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Minutes November 2008. Download here.


Agenda February 2016. Download here

Agenda October 2015. Download here

Agenda June 2015. Download here

Agenda October 2012. Download here

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Agenda April 2012. Download here

Agenda February 21st 2012. Download here

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