Further Reading

Four books have been produced by Geoff Wright, a very keen local historian.
Although only one was published for sale, a copy of each has been bound and deposited in the Worcestershire County Record Office.

Geoffs four books are:
1. Places & people in the parish of Leigh & Bransford
(details of the inhabitants of the older houses)
2. Leigh & Bransford families: text & trees.
(family trees of some of the older families in the parish)
3. Leigh & Bransford families – records
(family records of some of the older families in the parish)
4. Leigh, Leigh Sinton & Bransford
A brief history of the Parish,
Originally produced for sale in 2000.

The County Record Office has many other books which cover different aspects of the parish’ history, including The Victoria History of the Counties of England: Worcestershire.

The Parish Council sponsored book
“The Book of Leigh & Bransford”
published in 2002, covered all aspects of the parish history up to the present day.
The” Second Book of Leigh & Bransford”
was published in November 2005. It has 350 pictures together with the reminiscences of older inhabitants.